Remember to oil joints to repel blood, water and more blood.


Created for the Dwarven Army as a weapon of war, Brick was a member of the Guerrilla Warfare unit. Designed to be a vicious fighter from the books of Barbarian lore, he was sent out to become one with nature and how to fight in the roughest wooded terrains to ambush enemy forces advancing and recuperating in the forest outside of the Dwarven Mountain.

During the Great War, Brick and his Unit had claimed many kills and successful missions to push the forces against their creators back without much resistance to keep the King and his grand treasure hidden well within the mountain. Years of defending the mountain had proven that the defense was exceptional and the Unit was regarded as the best machines that have served the King.

Alas, one faithful morning there was a report of a enemy faction in the forest that was their home ground planing their attack. Brick and his unit had got into position to observe and remove the threat. They stayed their attack until nightfall, and with the swift precision they were feared for, went into the camp to remove their targets. Unknown to them, they were set for a trap and were attacked head on. Surprised by the events of this they tried to retreat and swing into the flank to regain the advantage. This is when it all went to shit…..

The enemy had brought technology that was developed from captured Warforged that were tested upon. It was able to shut down the systems that kept them “awake”, they always are awake, and make them defenseless and able to be disposed of. They activated the device and all of a sudden the entire unit fell to the ground with no ability to control themselves anymore. The entire unit was taken out that night and the armies against the Dwarves advanced onto the mountain.

Now you may ask why and how did Brick survive? Since he was the leader of the unit, he was to stay behind and provide security and threat management from any of the targets from getting away and retreating with any knowledge of who or what attacked them. He did get affected by the device which sent him into essentially a coma and out of sight from any advancements that would go by.

After hundreds of years of being inactive, his systems finally came back online. Coming to his senses he could not remember all of what happened and forgot how to return home. After wandering the forests for days he came across old scraps of what was left after the war. Realizing he had nowhere to return to, he realized he was free from any control of what and who made him. Only left with some trinkets and scraps he found left around he left to adventure what was outside the woods he was trained in and protected in information of what happened while he was offline.

Then there was that damned bar with those fucking mercs that had no idea what was about to unfold……


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