Julani Nyx


A slender young female red dragonborn. Julani rarely wore conventional clothing and was normally seen wearing a loincloth to cover her lady bits. She carried a gnarled walking stick that she occasionally used to swat guys that got too frisky. Her horns are long and curved in towards each other almost making a heart shape. From the tips of her horns she had a chain dangling with an uncut emerald that she found embedded in a rock on one of her travels. She grew attached to this stone and used it for her focus on most of her spells. She is also in possession of what seems to be a petrified egg.


Julani never knew her parents. When she emerged from her egg she soon realized that she was alone. In her initial panic she found what she assumed to be another dragonborn egg. She quickly snatched up the egg and made shelter in a nearby cave.

Julani Nyx

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