Krim Quicksilver


Freedom, Women, Land, Treasure, Power. Krim desires it all and plans to take it with own two hands, or more likely his fists. Measuring 6’1 he stands above most men, always seen with his unkempt hair tied back slightly by the eyepatch draped over his right eye and his unusual mish-mash style, combining multiple armors and flairs together into a unique piece.

Krim commands a group of roughly 100 men and now 10 giants. his quick retreat south of the mountains after The Black Guard attacked Greystone and the subsequent goblin raids left his merry bunch relatively unharmed. The journey marked with stops for party and plunder attracted the additional troops he now has. Maybe someone will ask how he got the giants?

Krim is now South of the mountains for the first time in his life. The way he figures it, Might as well take Ashdale first.

Krim Quicksilver

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