Steve The Pirate

Why is the rum is always gone...?


“A life of pillage and plunder for me!”

He shouted to the heavens and sea as a young lad, already having to lie, cheat and steal to survive. He realized the only way to escape the island he was born on was to join a crew and leave his previous life after the island was involved as a territory advance in the war against the crown and the rebellion against the parliament and was laid to waste.

Stowing away on a pirate cutter he was discovered by the crew and was immediately thrown into the brig as a stowaway. The Captain came down to talk about why he snuck aboard and he said that he wanted to live the life of a pirate on the high seas to survive. The Captain laughed and said he was in no shape to swashbuckle against anything. He begged for a chance to prove his worth and the Captain seen the fire and urgency in his eyes to hold his own against the world.

Years and years of pirating had turned him into one of the most notorious pirates left in the world. Heading his own crew he took over most of the open seas as his own. Claiming territory after territory he could not be reached by any means unless mutiny by his own crew. After living the life that he could only be dreamed of he grew older and wiser to realize that his time was ending soon, and probably not of old age.

He handed down the reigns of the crew and disappeared into history without a trace of where he was headed. He lived comfortably going from one place to another not to get comfortable and caught by any means. One day in a little backwater place, he was drinking in the corner keeping an eye out for any problems when someone came and approached him about his past, he had been recognized. After trying to escape from the bar he was ambushed and knocked out.

Coming to he realized he was chained and blinded. He heard others with him and they mounted their escape and started to carve their destiny…..

Steve The Pirate

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